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[100 Lolitas & Gothic Lolitas Testimonies] Week 7 - Sanja, Slovenia

How and when did you discover Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion?
Over Mana-Sama, about 4 or 5 years ago.

Could you tell us what are your favorite brands and why? Can you find them easily?
Moi meme Moitie, it has the special something. If you know where to search it's easy to find ;)

What is your favorite Non-Japanese fashion brand? Why?
Hmm, that's difficult to say. I absolutely adore the pre-fall 2010 collection of Versace (take a look: though it doesn't have anything to do with Lolita (but with Japan ^^), but also some collections of Gaultier, Chanel, La Croix, ... I'm happy that designers lately use the lolita-shape more often.

How did you feel when you bought your first Lolita outfit? How did you feel when you first wore it? Which brand was it?
I have bought my first Moitie outfit in Paris (in the shop called Harajuku). Then I wore it the whole week (in Paris) and felt awesome ^__^ And people liked it too!!

What is the type of reaction when people see you dressed up in Lolita clothing? Your friends? People in the street?
It depends on the country. In Slovenia, where I live, people stare at you or just stop talking and make big eyes. But in Germany and especially in Paris it's great. They can’t stop to tell you how awesome you look. Even if they don’t speak English, they try to tell you that they love your shoes and many people ask for internet connections to get such clothes. It's only sad when some people takes pics of you like of an exotic Zoo Animal then just walk away... or the ones who think you're a whore/satanist/[insert mainstream band]-fan etc.

What was the decision factor for the purchase of your latest fashion item?
Let me think... My latest fashion-to-be item was 2 kg fake fur ^^ But the last Lolita item was a black Moi-Même-Moitié blouse. I liked it, I needed it, I bought it.

Do you see any difference in the way that Japanese girls and western girls wear Lolita?
I think the Japanese Lolitas are much more "free" and creative. Out of Europe, girls are so crazy about following all the "rules" :/

Do you think the fact that now Western girls wear Lolita fashion will change the way Japanese Lolita fashion designers think and create?
I don't think so. ... Maybe only the sizes. But not the design or something.

Do you think that Europe or United States, or any other foreign countries are now ready to see Lolita Fashion invade their streets?
If some they are, it’s probably Germany and France.

Do you think there is a best way to spread Lolita fashion?
"Best" ... I think it's like with every other "new" thing. Spread it but carefully and friendly and it will work. Just don't make it a fake wannabe mainstream...

Would you like to see some specialized magazines translated in your own language? Would you like a new magazine issued and produced in your own language and focusing on Lolita fashion in your country?
Since I'm probably the only Lolita in my country I'm ok with any German/French/English/Japanese magazines.

Is there any Lolita community (ies) in your country? Could you list them and their website address?
Yes, it's the mighty imperium of Immortal Angel, starring me and my closet ^^

Do you have any message to worldwide Lolitas?
Stop destroying yourself with some imaginary rules, fights and bad comments and just enjoy Lolita. Take more care about your inner hygiene, politeness and good spirit.

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