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LAMP Harajuku celebrates its 10th anniversary

Image source: SO-EN

As Jane Marple is celebrating its 25th anniversary this spring, it is also another famous name celebrating an anniversary - 10 years, it’s not that bad - LAMP Harajuku which is ravishing our eyes with a revisited fashion inspired by 60’s and – believe it or not – a Czechoslovakian movie. Located between Omotesando and Harajuku Station, LAMP Harajuku will guide your shopping into their house looking-like shop, where you would stay all day long...

The concept of the shop – you might be aware on how Japanese designers like to play with concept in fashion, whether for the fashion itself than for the box – is based on girls duality, a girl who could be cute and cruel, allying beauty and toughness. And this inspiration of duality, they picked it up in the 1966 Czechoslovakian movie Sedmikrásky – known as Daisies under its US title – a feminist movie, a farce about war, with a virginal floating image and weird enough to please Japanese audience. If you look at the movie and then visit the shop, you would certainly feel a similar mood.

LAMP Harajuku distributes mainly Japanese brands, like Mina Perhonen, Sowa, yab-yum (cherished by Mori Girls), COSMIC WONDER Light Source, Les Briqu’à braque and Vida=Feliz… All brands based on some folklore image from eastern and northern Europe and interested in developing the design itself but also caring a lot about fabrics, trying to develop materials and new ways of development (an ecologic approach indeed).

Mina Perhovenfor born in 1967 - same timing as our Czechoslovakian movie – takes its inspiration form a trip to Scandinavia. Yab-yum - who found its name into Tantrism, the expression YAB-YUM, according to what says their profile, being the image depicting sexual relationsfound - got its folklore inspiration during a trip to India although its relation to Indian folklore, doesn't seem obvious. If you look at their collection, it is nothing like the concept highly and precisely described in their profile but certainly an image inspired in the shape and mood by Nepal, Tibet and a fantasized American Indian look. Embroidered emblems and plants motifs from COSMIC WONDER Light Source found a place of choice in LAMP Harajuku, playing in its shop design with the same type of motifs. Les Briqu’à Braque when playing the Matriochka look isn’t scared of assembling strong colors and strong designs (especially in its new collection 2010).

Of course, this type of fashion, based on development, natural materials, new ways of designing and creating, run by a Japan based crew, has a price. Camisoles would cost between 15 000 and 35 000 yens, dresses between 30 000 and 55 000, leggings and pants between 15 000 and 20 000 yens.

But even if you're not planning to spend all of your savings at LAMP Harajuku, you’re not forbidden to visit it, spare some time in its beautiful house, and have a look at their gallery. Because, that’s another main interest of LAMP Harajuku, to offer a gallery where you can see paintings, installations and hand made accessories. And if you still want to bring a souvenir from this wonderful place, you could still have a look at the funny candles created by Vida=Feliz.

Let's also take a minute to think about what we spend in fast-fashion (H&M, Forever 21) and how we cumulate simple and cheap clothes that we keep on renewing because we are getting bored of them after only a few days. Think also that these cheap clothes might be made by the hands of a kid or simply by the exploitation of adults. It might be more useful and independent as a thinking, to save money for some pieces of collection that you would treasure because you would have thought over before buying them, even if it means that your closet will be less well-lined. Certainly, there is less chances that you get bored, and also, that you see them every day on another girl. Independence in fashion has a price, but it might also be a way to revise our consumer behavior, not simply buying for buying, but because we know we will treasure the desired item, handmade and manufactured by experts hands.

Author: Valerie Fujita

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