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Dolly Kei by Grimoire - Heri, pictured on June, 10th, 2010

Heri has very recently joined Grimoire as a shop staff. The main silhouette is composed of two tops and two skirts. The skirt under has some type of tutu shape for volume. By observing Heri’s pictures through her different looks, one’s would notice Heri uses pins to shape her skirts or dresses (a lot of Japanese skirts and dresses have strings under so that you can change the shape and give a different volume). The second skirt is brought right under the bust, hold by a large belt which gives an Empire waist line look. It is hold also by thin suspenders. One would notice again the over use of accessories which is typical from Japanese fashion. Heri has three necklaces; one to which she added a small white mask shape (to which she adds or alternates with a little white horse shape accessory… which legs move!). And the famous poison bottle necklace (whether containing small butterflies or rodent bones). On the top of everything, a detail not to be neglected is the border with small tassels, probably from an old curtain.

Author & Pictures: Valerie Fujita

Tôkyô To Shibuya Ku Shinnan 1-10-7

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