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Dolly Kei by Grimoire - Mai, pictured on June, 10th, 2010

As Heri, Mai has joined Grimoire’s shop staff recently. Regarding to other snapshots of Mai, like snaps from Drop, it seems that Mai is inclined to a more simple view of Dolly fashion. One’s would notice that Mai doesn’t use layers, neither with clothes, neither with accessories. However, once again 90% of the silhouette is made by compiling vintages. Drop’s snapshots show that Mai is wearing a tutu under her dress, creating the type of volume we were more used to see in Lolita fashion. Here, Mai’s soft pink dress would make think of the type of clothes you would find at The Virgin Mary (light color, light material, giving the impression of evanescence). If light colors clothes can be found at Grimoire, the shop rather proposed deeper colors and more folklore looking clothes. The necklace is the famous poison bottle you will only find at Grimoire. The flower pin is from the brand “Dolly” by Hitomi Nomura (Grimoire’s owner). On the two snaps, Mai is wearing white ankle socks. We might neglect this detail when trying to imitate these Japanese fashions but probably, Japanese girls reproduce in their extravagant looks, something that actually belongs to their more conventional cultures. In fact, little boys and girls from elementary school wear white ankle socks. Traditionally, girls when wearing kimono and geta also wear white ankle socks.

Author & Pictures: Valerie Fujita

Tôkyô To Shibuya Ku Shinnan 1-10-7

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