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Merry go... Land... Of fashion!

Tokyo! The days are never the same. Neither the nights. In an instant, you suddenly find transported from the shitamachi to the megalopolis called Shinjuku. We go from the mild peeling paint of some temple and the smell of incense to the glow of brightly colored neon of some party where the cream of the Harajuku fashioners, on the ninth floor of Lumine Est, in the freshness of its garden penthouse, pulled out all the stops; some Lolita relic in a tutu skirt and All Stars, some great charmer to the slightly rasta look, girls looking like nymphets dressed up in a simple large t-shirt, Dolly girls (inevitably, with their taste for vintage, they are part of a fashion population we now cannot count without), and even some young boys, almost shy, however dressed in some t-shirt... for which we will avoid any comment. Shopping would have been done in the afternoon to temporary booths of now famous shops such as Cannabis, Icon, Tarock, Grimoire, Laboritory/Berberjin and others… Under the watchful eyes and the deployment of a giant of ready-to-wear, also present in New-York and Paris, H.P. France. For without a giant as a sponsor of such parties, it is impossible to happen!

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