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Impression - Japan Fashion Week collections Spring/Summer 2011

Images sources: Japanese Streets (Kjeld Duits), Valerie Fujita

To speak thruthly, it was a very strange fashion week for a beginner like me. Indeed, if I was no stranger to photograph in conditions of an unfair competition against male challengers from the concert photography scene, moments while I wasn’t often hesitating to sneak in among the “big guys”, however, the well-educated side, somewhat stilted, nevertheless highly regulated one’s must observe to photograph fashion shows, was something I didn’t know at all. Brought in for the first time, thanks to Kjeld Duits from Japanese Streets, in the world of runway photography, I had trouble getting even just a tiny place…

Being a photographer found of Tokyo fashion, I could not resist any longer to the call of the Japan Fashion Week, one of the events I had to attend to. Well, now it’s done! However, if the prettiness and the sophistication of the fashion shows met my expectations, the mood was less euphoric than I thought it would be. Everything worked in the upmost calm, not to say the most rigorous politeness. Japanese nature, by always doing things in an orderly fashion, would have caused at least less stress to editors and photographers, thus avoiding some bad moods, the same bad moods that contribute to the deterioration of the work atmosphere.

Despite that, my stress ended up turning out loud! The type of photography I do doesn’t requires yet significant investments as a 200mm lens, nor the robust Canon 1D body that the “toughs photographers” handle without any trouble. Therefore, I was difficult for me to feel confident enough to make myself a space. But that was no problem: my “girlfriends” with less equipment and I sneaked ahead the cameramen and the official photographer, and managed to snap a few pictures. Fashion shows could finally begin!

Suddenly, I felt some feeling of utter panic come up before this new type of photography I wasn’t used to: my white balance, my ISO settings, the adjusting of my depth of field, everything failed me. The job of a runway photographer requests to be steady, precise, fast, and a type of picture as sharp as possible... This type of exercise is only a nightmare to me, as I am a slow kind of photographer, always messing with my calculations, already thinking about which digital retouching I would give to which image, taking good care of my soft focus, and my time… My first attempt as a runway photographer seemed to be compromise…

Thus I only had my eyes to see, enjoy, and admire the shows. While some of them were still very traditional like Hiroko Koshino’s or Matohu’s, I would personally remember those of Nozomi Ishiguro and its naiads on Converse platforms; Banal Chic Bizarre which hid its models behind helmet like in a Daft Punk music video; Gut's Dynamite Cabarets which dared to give enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi a very Shibuya teenager look (who stayed a long time playing with the cameras when she got in front of them); the very lovely “Japanese France Gall” (yéyé french singer) from Shida Tatsuya who were almost more Parisian than the original: the very aggressive collection by Discovered, directly inspired by 80’s London Skins… and the cherry on top, on the last day of the official runway shows, the new fur fur collection which took the young designer Aya Furuhashi’s creations for a walk between colorful lightning effects, making many of the photographers cringe… But we wanted more. And in the end, we applauded.

Written by Valerie Fujita

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