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Grimoire invited by Laforet

Images source: Valerie Fujita

From the evens I went to this summer (autumn turned out was the time to find myself some calm and retreat to concentrate on Tokyo Factory book project, and winter, on top of having the same role, is keeping me in the warmth of my house or shops as I am very sensitive to the cold), I hadn’t published yet pictures from Grimoire’s week event at Laforet in August. This event was the occasion for Grimoire’s founder, Hitomi Nomura and the pretty Grimoire’s staffs, friends and customers to share about their passion for vintage and antique clothes, their attraction to our Old Europe and to see sparkles in their eyes when talking about Italy, Romania, Tyrol… Welcomed by Laforet for a temporary shop and on their penthouse for learning a bit more about Grimoire's fashion!

One must know that, even if Japan has magazines like Vogue, Spur, Fudge, etc. using foreigner tall models, as fashion here lives in the streets almost better than in the magazines pages, a lot of magazines use "girl next door" models. Closer to the reality of what is being a regular, normal looking girl who only wants to look prettier and enjoy her feminity, it is a key for street fashion magazines to have icons that look like their readers. They're not tall and gorgeous like our super models, but indeed have small proportions and are simply cute.

In the same range of idea, shop staffs and sellers actually have that role too. And obviously, Grimoire started to have its little fame also thanks to the pretty Hitomi Nomura, Kaori, Heri, Lily, Mai and Marie. It’s not a mainstream success, Grimoire’s fashion is not fast fashion and has no intention to become too popular because it would kill their reason for existing, but, as an alternative fashion, they drew in two years a good destiny for themselves, and they’ve even been noticed by Courtney Love! And pretty shop staffs are certainly also one of the key in the success of a brand or a shop in Tokyo.

From left to right: Kaori (Grimoire shop manager), Akane Sasaki, Ayumi Seto, Midori Arai, Kurumi Nakada and Tomoyo Nozawa.

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  1. I love Grimoire, if I go to Japan the first thing I do is rush over and buy everything!!
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