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JFW S/S 2011: Fur Fur show - Snow-White and other fairies in the forest…

First Published on Japanese Streets
Image source: Valerie Fujita for Japanese Streets

Fur fur showed its S/S 2011 collection at Harajuku Laforet on the last official day of Japan Fashion Week. It was a delightful moment, transporting us into some kind of enchanted forest, while briskly taking cartoonish characters from the sixties for a walk. During the show the models appeared, then vanished by clever and colorful lighting effects.

From the modest creation of the fur label in the autumn of 2005, to its final conversion into fur fur in 2008, Aya Furuhashi, has in a short time joined the major leagues of Tokyo fashion. The guidance of collection director Koichi Chida—MARI QUANT, OZOC, and very recently YOIM—has definitely helped.

With this collection, the young designer introduced us to silhouettes that remain loyal to fur fur basics; white and off-white, together with a black dichotomy, but also natural tones, (beiges, light denim), with material that perfectly hangs and wonderfully accompanies the gait of her creatures.

Furuhashi surprised us by adding bright colors; cherry-red, manganese violet, some kind of lapis lazuli blue, in a total contrast with the image that we have grown accustomed to. Pin-up hair styles, big ringlets, huge ribbon accessories as a sort of tiara, and expert doll-like make-up helped to define the neo-sixties flavor of these cartoon princesses and fairies. Furuhashi helps remind us that fashion is also about dreaming and having fun!

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